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A pen tester has to repeat some particular tasks very often in order to achieve success and increase the efficiency. How will schools be impacted that are a part of Bloomberg’s pilot program that provides every student at certain schools with cell phones in an effort to increase student achievement? I predict some PC commodity hardware will ultimately be the hardware that runs your future deskphone. Pure hardware desk phone makers step up to the plate now while there is time to get mindshare: Your excellent firmware and SIP stack can be brought the tablet before it is too late. The question about commodity hardware running a pbx is all but over. The software phone system is taking over the “black box” landscape (pbxnsip, snomONE, NetVanta, 3CX and now Microsoft Lync Server in the Windows world). Finally, your vertebrae connect with muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout your back to help you do everything from pound out Russian twists at the gym to lean over and give someone a kiss. This is veiled language to mean if someone fires up SipVicious and points it at your unpatched 3CX PBX it can bring it to a crawl and render it unusable.

But in any case Windows PBX vendors are less investment than Lync server both infrasture and licensing wise. Competetive Cost: 3CX has traditionally been the “low price” vendor among commercial Windows PBX vendors out of nessesity as a newcomer with less mature product and less features. Although not the first to do it, 3CX has been the most effective at getting the message out that your PBX can and will eventually run on a Windows Server. My opinion is that 3CX’s marketing engine is sheer genius in how it has pushed out this message until Microsoft has picked it up themselves. 3CX’s CEO, Nick Galea, has made a perfectly astute and accurate assesment that the 3CX phone system is on a direct collision course with Lync Server. Of course our government will feed these lies to the people. In what is surely a bittersweet move for 3CX, Microsoft will most likely be the unknowing benefactor of this momentum. No one is in more direct path of Lync than Windows PBX’: 3CX, pbxnsip, snom ONE and others.

One last thing is that 3CX is not well suited to hosted senarios because of a lack of multi-tenant capabilities. 3CX also has the handicap of being a relative software PBX newcomer: needing to fight stability issues evidenced by frequent updates, lack of some PBX features, and a large but less experienced VAR channel. Do Core PBX Features Well: On this one snom ONE hits a home run. Windows based phone system vendors are also becoming aware that security is not just “feature” to tick off and list along with hundreds of others but a core pillar of a robust communication solution. It has spent years adding core pbx features to its solution and has pretty well nailed most features users coming from legacy pbx’s want. how to hack someones phone without touching it-androidtipsnow is only about 16MB in size meaning it can run on about anything including small embedded devices. Low Infrastructure Requirements: snom ONE has done especially excellent on this one. But recently with snom’s aquisition of pbxnsip a new dynamic among Window’s PBX’s: snom is not dependent on profits from the software PBX alone and can “subsidize” its quite mature product, snom ONE, with deskphone sales.

The first thing that comes to mind is the wizards to setup PSTN/PRI gateways which otherwise can be the most trouble prone part of a software PBX setup. Basic UC stuff like Instant Messaaging including lock manipulation, manipulation of a weak point on the safe, and brute force. Check Point discovered four security vulnerabilities in the Qualcomm chipset. 3CX issued a big security fix for v9 of the 3CX phone system at the beginning of September to address some urgent vulnerabilities.